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  She said this is:"NOT MASSAGE" 

           Many of my clients suffer from chronic pain . Chronic Pain CAN be removed and I have had great results with customers who suffer from many ailments and pains that are unusual and hard for the doctors to find and for diagnosed pains like sciatica or rotator cuff tendonitis ect. I have many testimonials of complete recovery.

    I find the causes and carefully work within your tolerance to alleviate your pain at your acceptance level, usually it is a feeling of hurt so good. You will get immediate and lasting results.
Therapy for pain relief  involves a slow pressure at at varying degrees of depth and my own techniques that are unique, they help me to effectively provide and incredible thorough observation of your body, I find tension, chronic held tightness and limitation. I remove it as I go and you will feel your pain subsiding as I do.  You will move in ways you couldn't before as well as preventing more stress and strains in the future when you do your daily activities.  Your blood flow increases dramatically and nerves are free'd up. Customers  (who have suffered for years) feel better and have an increased range of motion, making activities that were difficult before, much easier.

Sciatic Pain (sciatica),Migraine headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Le Aches and Pains, Ankle Pain, Feet Pain, Arthritis Pain, Rotator Cuff Tendon pain and sports injury related pain body trauma from car accidents, emotional trauma, chronic stress, Sadness and even ailments like Parkinson Disease I have seen benefit from my Therapy for pain relief.  Therapy for pain relief improves sleep, aches and pains disappear.

 Pain in your body is a message for you to pay attention to it, when pain is ignored it comes back stronger in the future..  I will address the pain for you and remove it. I will help you discover where it is coming from and how to prevent it in the future. I like to say " Not Massage" because it is so much better than Massage Therapy and you will feel more relaxed than you've ever felt in your life...Try it even if you don't have pain,  it is the best treatment for stress and tension as well YOU WILL BE AMAZED at how relaxed , light and wonderful you feel.                                                                                                All my new customers get a Free Half hour with the paid hour so you can have a 1.5 hr treatment for $80.00 to find out how good it is.

 Therapy for El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, Lakeside, Alpine.    traveling to all cities in San Diego  and North County, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach,  Jamul, Chula Vista, Bonita, Spring Valley. 

            call for more information                    (619) 267-PAIN (7246)
          text me with day and times you can schedule..

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           FREE HALF HOUR $40.00 Value    Unique therapy for  $ 80.00 your first time you will get 90 minutes of ultimate relaxation from  basic stress or chronic pain. I don't call what I do " Massage" because it is so much better than the usual Massage Therapy.                            If you have searched for a GOOD therapist then you know how hard it can be to find one. You will never want to have a normal massage again after you try my specific stress and Pain Relief treatments.                                          ..I am giving you a free half hour so I can prove to you that it is the absolute best therapy you'll have ever found.                                                           Call Now so you can stop searching for the perfect Therapist, it takes time and money and it is a disappointment when you don't get the relief you were looking for.                                Please Call for the experience of having your body's pain and tightness relieved.   (619)267-7246  

ask for a day and time you need, I have a flexible schedule. I can travel if needed and help family members who may not be able to move out of bed.

 I can book as many hours as you prefer, sometimes I do 2 and 3 hrs on one person depending on the body ailments that need to be fixed. Standard travel rates.